The Winners Circle

An Exclusive Community For 75 Ambitious Men

It's time to start winning.

Introducing: The Winners Circle

An exclusive community and 6 month mentorship designed to give you complete confidence, self-mastery, and a social circle of killers across the country that you will have for life. 

For the 75 guys that get in, this is going to change the fucking game. 

This Is For You If: 

  • You want confidence that people can sense a mile away and to kick your negative thoughts
  • ​You need to be around ambitious guys who “get it”
  • ​You're tired of underperforming
  • ​You aren't inspired by the dudes you're around today
  • ​You're lonely in college or haven't found your "group"
  • ​Things haven’t “clicked” yet, but you know you’re one puzzle piece away from greatness
  • ​You know this is a once in a lifetime period (college) and you want to make the most of it, but aren’t exactly sure how
  • ​You like my content 
  • ​You want me to be your mentor
  • ​You’re ready to start winning

This Is Not For You If: 

  • You’re below senior year of high school (do not apply)
  • You don’t actually want to change, grow, or win
  • ​You would rather spend your money on ONE WEEKEND in an Airbnb, a PS5, or 8% of a sociology 101 course
  • ​You are the kind of guy who will cause me and the rest of the group headaches and make me regret admitting you

What You'll Get:

  • A community of college savages around the country, so you have connections in every possible industry for LIFE. (Value = $2,000+)
  • ​Me as your mentor. Really think about that. You get someone in your corner. Complete guidance and wisdom from a guy who has been there, and gets it. (Value = $1,000+)
  • ​Groupchats for lifting, mental health, girls, academics, making money in college etc. Every topic - TWC has a dedicated gc. If you come in and contribute you will never have a dry phone again. (Value = $1000+)
  • ​Exclusive college sauce course with modules on 4.0 academics, building your dream friend group, dating, mental health, and landing internships + jobs. This course is the SAUCE BIBLE. (Value = $500)
  • ​A motivational message from me EVERY SINGLE MORNING making success and winner energy inevitable (Value = $400)
  • ​6 months of TWC calls with me EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Those admitted will get UNLIMITED SAUCE about everything college/society failed to teach you about winning life as a man. (Value = $3,000)
  • ​Bonus lectures on how to make money in college, how to land your dream job, breaking into remote sales/copywriting/social media/anything online biz. I will turn you into a money-making machine. (Value = $1,000)
  • ​Guest speakers ranging from Deans of Admissions at elite post-grad programs, investment bankers, dating savage, big entrepreneurs, etc. Men worthy of listening to will come and speak to our group and those who are selected will get LIMITLESS INSPIRATION (Value = $2,000)
  • ​An endless rotation of baddies who worship you

Bro. GTF in here. 

Join The Winners Circle
Usually $997
Founding Member Price: $499 or $99/month for 6 months

Record screech. 


I get it. 

We were vibing until you saw the price. 

Cats out of the bag. 

Now you're squirming a bit and confidence and a network of killers sound a lot less important. 

Yup, it's an investment. 

As champagnepapi said, this shit ain't free. 

But let's stop and think for a second.

What are you getting?

Real, deep self-love. 

A network of killers across the country. 

A mentor who really fckin believes in you. 


Your family being crazy proud of you. 

Looking in the mirror and seeing a beast. 

Making the most of what should be the 4 most important years of your life. 

Years you don't get to try twice. 

What is that worth to you?

Would you rather have all of that...

Or half a credit of college spanish. 

Or 2 nights in an airbnb with guys whose biggest ambition is ripping juul. 

Or a Ps5 to distract you from a life of hating yourself and not catching dubs. 

You're already dropping 250k on a college degree.

You might as well drop $500 on making it worth something. 

This is an insane investment. 

Bitcoin in 2015 level investment. 

Let's be real bro. 

$499 for a network of absolute killers who support you and push you to be at your best is a BARGAIN.  

$499 for 6 months with a mentor who understands everything you're going through is a BARGAIN. 

Think about that tik tok sauce distilled into a bottle of gatorade PERSONALIZED TO YOUR LIFE you get to sip from every day. 

$499 for never waking up again with a dry phone is a BARGAIN. 

$499 for real self-love and confidence is a BARGAIN. And you deserve that bro. 

You get all 4 of those things. 

What are u waiting for??

And in case ur ass is still on the fence, I'll throw in 3 bonuses. 

​Bonus #1: The Bulletproof Confidence Course for Men: You'll get the inside scoop on how to master your mental health as a man and the 3-step system to unlimited self-love and confidence

​Bonus #2: The Complete College Hustler Making Money in College Mini-Course: I go over 9 different money-making methods and give you the tools to start + crush. 

If you work hard this will pay for itself so easily. 

​Bonus #3: A one on one call with me. For real. Every single founding member gets a laser call with me to discuss YOUR UNIQUE GOALS/LIFE. If you're in here, I'm dedicated to YOU.

What could you possibly drop a couple hundo on that would have a greater impact on your life?

Really - that's not a hypothetical. 

Where else could you possibly invest better in urself?

And the 75 guys who are a part of this will see that first hand. 

Jump in. 


How To Get In: 

There is a one-time Founding Member fee of $499 or $99/month. If you don't see how your network, mental health, and growth as a man is worth infinitely more than that then best of luck brother. 

You'll drop that membership investment then book your first call with me. 

If you’re accepted, we’ll meet next week one-on-one to discuss your goals for the community and what you’re bringing to the table. If you aren't, you will be refunded and your call will be cancelled. 

There is only room for 75 founding members of this community - I'm a busy señor, and literally cannot make time for everyone who wants to win. I would rather see 75 guys win than 500 fail so those who are accepted will be getting my attention and guidance. 

Applications close on Monday, February 5th and the investment will increase the next time enrollment is open. 

Refund Policy: 

Negatory. The 75 guys who get chosen will be all in and ready to win. Are you?